porcupine quills中文意思是什麼

porcupine quills解釋

  • porcupine: n. 1. 【動物;動物學】豪豬,箭豬。2. 【紡織;印染】梳麻機。
  • quills: 鵝毛筆/情色記錄

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  1. The pectinate quills of the porcupine are barbed

  2. And oh ye high flown quills that soar the skies

  3. As it dries, the inner bark curls to form flaky tubular quills about 3 inches long and 1 / 2 inch in diameter

    當它乾燥,樹皮內在?曲形成片狀筒形纖管大約3英寸長和直徑1 / 2英寸。
  4. " there are codes for everything, " she told her sister. " a marble in the nose, getting stuck with a porcupine quill, being run over by a train.

    試譯: 「一切事物皆有編碼, 」她對她妹妹說. 「譬如位於飛機前端的那塊大理石,可曾經被豪豬的剛毛扎過,又被火車碾過呢. 」
  5. I have a cute, round body, a pointed face and short, little legs. my back is covered with hard, pointy quills and my belly is soft and furry