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  • portal: n 波特爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 (大建築物的)入口;正門;橋門;隧道門。2 〈詩〉門,入門。3 【解剖學】門靜...
  • phlebography: 靜脈論, 靜脈搏動描記法, 靜脈造影術

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  1. This door was a mockery to the conci rge, from whose vigilance and jurisdiction it was free, and, like that famous portal in the arabian nights, opening at the " sesame " of ali baba, it was wont to swing backward at a cabalistic word or a concerted tap from without from the sweetest voices or whitest fingers in the world

  2. The system of blood vessels that carries all blood received from the intestines through the liver before passing it to the general circulation is called the hepatic portal system.

  3. The e - government coordinator of the citb, mr robin gill, said that business. gov. hk was a government - to - business ( g2b ) gateway providing a single point of entry to up - to - date and comprehensive content and services, and was designed to be user - friendly for corporations as well as small and medium - sized enterprises. " the portal is another e - government project aiming to provide a whole new experience for users in terms of user - friendliness, content diversity and customer centricity

    工商及科技局電子政府專員喬樂平表示,營商網是一個政府對商業( g2b )網站,透過單一的網站及方便用戶使用的介面,為大企業及中小企提供多元化、全面和最新的營商資訊及服務。
  4. Based on large amounts of investigations on domestic dairy housings at present in beijing and aimed at dairy breeding technology - dairy building parameters - dairy structure, this paper made the portal frame of light - weight steel structure in cowshed to be the researched case and elaborated the theories and methods of structure optimization of portal frame of light - weight steel structure in cowshed. at last, some conclusions were drawn

  5. Cranes runways. cranes runways and portal cranes. currier ' s knifes