portrait of the artist as a young dog中文意思是什麼

portrait of the artist as a young dog解釋

  • portrait: n. 1. 肖像,肖像畫;相片。2. 雕像;半身像。3. 人物描寫;生動的描繪。4. 類型,模型,標本。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • the: 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • artist: n. 1. 美術家,藝術家。2. 能手。
  • as: adv (同…)一樣…;同樣〈在此是指 as… as… 結構中的第一個 as 它在主句中為指示副詞,第二個 as (在子...
  • a: an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...
  • young: n 楊格〈姓氏〉。adj (younger; youngest )1 年輕的,幼小的,幼嫩的(opp old)。2 少年氣盛的,生氣...
  • dog: n 1 犬,狗;獵犬;犬科動物。2 (狼、狐等)雄獸,雄狗;類似犬的動物。3 卑鄙的人,無賴;廢物,沒用...

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  1. The economist is interested in the workings of the economy as a whole.

  2. " this was a request from several members of the ioc, as a sign of respect for french - speaking countries, including francophone african countries, " putin said

    他說: 「這主要是應國際奧委會幾位成員的要求,以此表達對法語國家以及說法語的非洲國家的尊重。 」
  3. It was fascinating to see the canine structure in actual motion and to see the coordinated movement of the bones as a dog trotted on a treadmill and his gait was recorded continuously

  4. At the age of twenty, i borrowed books from the library like shakespeare ' s complete works, a portrait of the artist as a young man, and ulysses

    二十歲的時候,從圖書館借的是《莎士比亞全集》 , 《一個青年藝術家的自畫像》和《尤里西斯》 。
  5. In spite of this, she often appears on the stage as a young girl