position-independent code中文意思是什麼

position-independent code解釋

  • position: n 1 位置;方位;地點。2 處境,情況;狀態,形勢,局面。3 姿態,姿勢。4 地位,身份;職位;職務。5 ...
  • independent: adj 1 獨立的,自主的,自治的,有主見的。2 自食其力的,收入足夠維持閉居生活的。3 願意獨立的,獨立...
  • code: n 1 法典;法規。2 規則,準則;(社會、階級等的)慣例,習俗,制度。3 (電)碼,代碼,密碼,暗碼;...

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  1. Rotating electrical machines - part 7 : classification of types of constructions, mounting arrangements and terminal box position im code

  2. Compiling the dll as position - independent code

  3. Generates position - independent code for use in shared libraries large model

  4. Writing provider independent code for. net framework data providers

    Net framework數據提供程序編寫與提供程序無關的代碼
  5. With the rapid development of international trade, and the accelerated process of economic globalization, especially in view of the evolution of gatt, which was established after the 2nd world war, to wto, the international customs value evaluation policy, which co - exists with world trade activities, has also experienced an eventful development process : from separation and independence to coordination and unification ; from self - centered to regional alignment ; from the " proposals " in principle as stipulated by article 7 of gatt 1947 to individual actions by major economies of the world ; from dispute and frictions to coordination and alignment ; from the relatively independent " code " at tokyo round to the one concord of the wto system

    伴隨著世界貿易的迅猛發展、經濟全球化進程的加快,特別是二戰后gatt的建立、發展到wto的形成,與國際貿易共生的國際海關估價制度也經歷了由分散獨立到協調統一的的曲折的發展過程:從各自為政到地區間的協調,從gatt1947第七條的原則性「倡議」到世界各主要經濟體各行其是,從分歧摩擦到協調統一,從東京回合具相對獨立性的「守則」 ( code )到wto體系的一項協定。