positional servosystem中文意思是什麼

positional servosystem解釋

  • positional: adj. 1. 位置(上)的;地位的。2. 【軍事】陣地的。
  • servosystem: 伺服電動機

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  1. A noncontact 3 - d position measurement system is introduced in this thesis. the system is composed of a planner array ccd detector, real time image analysis and quick data calculation system, which can survey the positional relationship between the haloid lamp objects on the emissive vehicle and the measuring system on the loading vehicle

    本文研究了一種簡單、新型的非接觸三維位置測量系統,該系統由一組ccd探測器、實時圖像處理及快速數據解算系統組成,對發射車上鹵鎢燈目標在測量坐標系中的三維坐標x 、 y 、 z值和發射車軸線相對測量坐標軸的夾角進行測量。
  2. For us, positional warfare is generally inapplicable in attack as well as in defence

  3. In this stage the form of fighting we should adopt is primarily mobile warfare, supplemented by guerrilla and positional warfare

  4. No longer supports noninteger positional predicates

  5. Trial comment on the preventive tactics against positional crime