positioning nystagmus中文意思是什麼

positioning nystagmus解釋

  • nystagmus: n. 【醫學】眼球震顫(癥)。

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  1. To decide how much ball control and offensive positioning combined that can be used at midfield we use 2. 5 * passing

    我們用2 . 5倍的傳球來決定多少控球和進攻位置可以在中場被使用。
  2. Through the canalization to the marketing strategy research of the substantial evidence of the fuxin company, in the foundation that the author has collected large quantity of data, mainly using the relevant marketing theory of dr philip kotler, famous as " the father of marketing ", the author importantly expound that in the operating process, to small enterprise, there are six most important contents, that is : the market marketing environment analyzes, the market marketing investigation analyzes, the marketing segmentation, the choice of the marketing positioning, target market, the pricing of product, adjective pricing strategy, the marketing outlet management of the business and credit sale risk

    本文作者通過對富新公司的營銷策略研究實證分析,在收集大量資料的基礎上,主要應用有「營銷學之父」稱謂的菲利普.科特勒( philip . kotler )博士有關營銷策略的相關理論,重點闡述了在經營運作過程中,對中小企業至關重要的六個方面的內容:市場營銷環境分析,市場營銷調研分析,市場細分、市場定位、目標市場的選擇,產品定價和價格調整戰略,企業的營銷渠道管理以及賒銷風險的問題。
  3. Tourism destination theme catchword is the final conclusions for positioning research, which direct destination ' s marketing

  4. The ep7312 has been applied in the user machine of double stars positioning system successfully

  5. If you cannot see the vocal cords or epiglottis after positioning the laryngoscope blade, you have probably inserted the blade too far or have not placed the blade precisely in the midline