positive reference antiserum中文意思是什麼

positive reference antiserum解釋

  • positive: adj 1 確實的,明確的;確定的;無條件的 (opp qualified implied inferential); 絕對的,無疑問的,...
  • reference: n 1 (對委員、審查人等的)委託;委託項目[范圍]。2 說到,論到,提到。3 參考;參考書;附註,引證;...
  • antiserum: n. 【醫學】抗血清。

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  1. Of these all but one, which had normal ligament, proved to correspond to the operative finding as there was only one false positive finding among our surgical cases with both the “ definite ” and “ suspectable ” positive arthrograms, we concluded that ankle arthrogaraphy is relatively reliable and may be worth doing even in chronic cases if only for reference

  2. Internal stops provide positive over travel protection for power actuated valves and act as a reference to position the discs in the open and closed positions

  3. It is a new way to understand public opinion ; it can focus hotspot matter and supervise circumstance ; providing reference about managing nation for leader ; promoting legal system building and culture spread, etc. negative function : spreading rumor ; assault and battery ; impacting conditional culture, etc. we should try to make use of positive effect and control disadvantage about comment of netnews

  4. Use the positive result of other countries for reference and analyse present situation of vip of china and take advantage of index factor to establish an evaluating index system of the vip. the system is provided with complex and fuzzy. so a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model is put forward in the evaluation index system, and the analytic hierarchy process ( ahp ) is used to define the weight of different factors

  5. According to negative temperature coefficient of vbe and positive temperature coefficient of vt, a framework of band - gap voltage reference is investigated. the reference offer a source of pir, distributed three voltage, one as upper - threshold voltage of dual - threshold comparator, the other as lower - threshold voltage of comparator, the other as direct current voltage for second band - pass filter amplifier