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  • positive: adj 1 確實的,明確的;確定的;無條件的 (opp qualified implied inferential); 絕對的,無疑問的,...
  • science: n 1 科學;科學研究。2 (一門)科學,學科。3 自然科學。4 學;學問;〈古語〉知識。5 (拳術、馬術等...

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  1. To promote the students ' interest in knowledge and to carry forward national spirits and help the students form healthy and positive outlook on life and science, our school has carried out a series of activities, including inviting well - known scientists to give speeches, teachers and students benefit greatly when communicating with these masters face to face

  2. Under the comprehensive guidance of theories of sociology and law science, the dissertation, adopting the research methods of historic analysis, comparative " analysis and positive analysis, and basing on the research of the s ystem of probationary suspension, the author in this essay points out faults of the current system of probationary suspension in china in legislation and judicature, and basing on the factual condition of china, the author conceives some meager but brave plans to perfect the system of probationary suspension in china

  3. In science fiction, antimatter, with its perfect convertibility to energy, is the ultimate rocket fuel, but the cern scientists see their antihydrogen atoms as a ticket not across the galaxy but in effect to a different mathematical universe, in which positive is negative and left is right

  4. Point to above problems, under the financial support of the national natural science foundation ( exploration of high tech and new concept and new conceive ), the excellent young teachers program of ministry of education and national excellent doctoral dissertation special foundation, the static and dynamic real - time computation of elasticity - plastic mechanics, solving method of fuzzy finite element and other problems were studied in this paper. and some achievement was gained as following : ( 1 ) based on the positive definiteness of system stiffness matrix of finite element that was modified and the form of potential energy function of elastic body, the linear system of saturation mode ( lssm ) was introduced into the neural computation of finite element, by which the no - error solving of finite element neural net computation was realized in theory

    針對上述問題,在國家自然科學基金(高技術新概念新構思探索) 、教育部優秀青年教師資助計劃、高等學校全國100篇優秀博士學位論文作者專項基金等的資助下,本文對彈塑性力學問題的動靜態的實時計算、模糊有限元的求解方法等問題進行了系統和深入的研究,取得了以下成果: ( 1 )根據有限元總剛矩陣經修正後具有正定性的特點以及彈性體勢能函數的具體形式,將飽和模式的線性系統(簡稱為lssm系統)引入到有限元的神經網路計算中,在理論上實現了有限元神經網路計算的無誤差求解。
  5. Be positive scientists, if you please ; but ontology has no place in positive science, so leave it alone