positive slope中文意思是什麼

positive slope解釋

  • positive: adj 1 確實的,明確的;確定的;無條件的 (opp qualified implied inferential); 絕對的,無疑問的,...
  • slope: n 1 傾斜,坡度;坡,斜坡,斜面;【印刷】斜體。2 【軍事】掮槍的姿勢。3 【數學】斜率。4 【礦物】斜...

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  1. The author conceptualized and measured the following variables : time perspective ; the coping style ; reduced harm internet use self - efficacy ; positive peer involvement ; moderate parents involvement ; the totality of internet use and the score of functions. after the research used the structure equation model ( sem ) to fit the collected data, the following pathways were demonstrated at the significant level : 1, the time perspective present ( tpp ) piu. 2, tpp abreaction piu

    通過時間透視、應對策略、減少傷害性的網際網路效能感、積極同伴捲入、適度父母捲入、網路(使用)總量、功能分數的界定與測量,該研究使用結構方程模型擬和數據后發現下列路徑對piu具有明顯的預測作用:現在定向piu ;現在定向發泄piu ;現在定向問題解決piu ;現在定向同伴捲入piu ;現在定向同伴捲入功能分數piu ;未來定向問題解決piu ;未來定向父母捲入piu ;未來定向發泄piu 。
  2. Diplomats here this week say the atmosphere is relaxed, non - confrontational and more positive than the three previous rounds of negotiations held since 2003. they ended in increased acrimony and no progress

  3. A positive analysis of time limit institution of adducing evidence

  4. Rebounding displacement of slope and axial force of anchor bars increases as the increment of the included angle of the rebounding displacement vector and x positive axis will reduce as the increment of horizontal tectonic stresses. the reduction of lithologic characters and weak interplayer have unfavorable influence on stability

  5. The result shows that a negative friction - velocity slope can not always cause squeal. it is often observed that the squeal can also occur in the area with a positive friction - velocity slope