post-mortem tubercle中文意思是什麼

post-mortem tubercle解釋

  • post: n 1 (被指定的)地位,崗位;職位,職守。2 【軍事】哨所,站;哨兵警戒區;〈轉義〉哨兵,衛兵。3 基...
  • tubercle: n. 1. 【植物;植物學】小塊莖;根瘤;小突。2. 【解,醫】結節,小結;結核(節)。

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  1. Received ante - mortem and post - mortem veterinary inspections andfound free from cysticercosis , anthrax , foot and mouthdisease , rinderpest , bovine spongiform encephalopathy ( bse ) and other infectious disease

  2. A bruise mark was found on her neck and a post - mortem will be conducted to ascertain the cause of her death

  3. The brain disease laboratory of the department of anatomical & cellular pathology has been collecting post - mortem tissues from brains of chinese patients for some years and these formed the " brain tissue bank for chinese ", which is the first and unique in the world for chinese

  4. There ' s no point in bearing a grudge. let us forget about it, no post - mortem

  5. The post - mortem revealed traces of poison in his stomach