pot cheese中文意思是什麼

pot cheese解釋

  • pot: n 1 壺,瓶,罐;缽,(深)鍋。2 【冶金】坩堝。3 一壺[缽、瓶、罐、鍋]之量。4 壺中物;酒;飲酒;酗...
  • cheese: n 1 乾酪,乳酪;乾酪狀的東西。2 〈美俚〉重要人物;上品,珍品。3 【紡織;印染】筒子紗。4 〈學俚〉...

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  1. The beadle bolted in haste his last mouthful of fat bacon, washed down the greasy morsel with the last rinsings of the pot of ale.

  2. Cathode and anticathode electric current distributing online detect equipment can trace aluminum electrolysis pot and document the electric current data change. by avail of this data, the relation of anticathode and cathode will be discovered. furthermore, some unknown rule may de discovered by online analysis and data mining. in this paper, author has completed a full study toward the production of aluminum electrolysis

  3. Transfer to pot. add arugula ; season with salt and pepper. toss ; add more pasta water as desired. serve

  4. More meaningful comparisons can be made by comparing water loss from the potometer with that from an atmometer ( an apparatus used to measure the rate of evaporation from a porous pot or other nonliving wet surface ), which allows uncontrolled evaporation

  5. Nancy : you melt cheese in a pot , and then dunk small pieces of bread in the cheese