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  • power: n 1 力,力量;能力;體力,精力;(生理)機能;〈常 pl 〉才能。2 勢力,權力,權限;威力;政權;權...
  • developed: 不發達的

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  1. Technique of transmitting data via power line ( pl ) , a new technique developed in recent years , is used to automatize the free collecting system in public service and the management of uptown service 。 this article discussed the advantage , disadvantage and the current state of the power line carrier communication 。 the advantage , method and current state of using spread spectrum technique in power line communication are discussed 。 then the characteristic of low voltage power network was also compendious analyzed 。 in this paper , after introducing the principle of ssc , design of hardware and software of the system are been discussed 。 this system has been put into use , the result has proved its high stability and reliability

  2. To apply the real - time observation system will increase the safety and equability of production ; it provides scientific and rational reference to aid in operating power station properly and economically. according to the characteristics of the power station of chengdu banknote complex, the real - time observation system is developed, during the period of developing and designing this system, 1 have mostly completed following works : 1

  3. It implies that apart from the apparent culture of autocracy as political system russia was holding a hidden culture of anti - autocracy as academic thought, including ethical anarchism, national cosmopolitism and organic individualism, developed from the core idea of intercommunity, which composed a strong spiritual power supporting the soviet scientists to resist the planned science

  4. Being a sort of new principle micromotor in the fronitier of science. the ultrosonic motor ( usm ) is developed at recently twenty years. utilizing the stator surface particle elliptical motion excited by piezoceeramics, the usm is drived by friction force between the stator and rotor. compared with the conventional electromagnetic motor, the ultrasonic motor has the following features : high speed, high holding torque when power is off and so on. because of it ' s characteristics, the ultrasonic motor has obtained some widespread application in robots, precise instrument, house electronical appliance, sapceecraft automobile and micromechanism

    超聲波電機( ultrasonicmotor )是近二十年來發展起來的一種新原理電機,其原理不同於傳統的電磁型電機,它是利用壓電陶瓷的逆壓電效應使定子的表面質點產生橢圓運動,通過定子和轉子之間的摩擦力驅動轉子運動。這種新型的電機與傳統電磁電機相比,具有響應快、不受電磁干擾、結構緊湊、低速、大扭矩、斷電自鎖等優點,因而在微型機械、機器人、精密儀器、家用電器、航天器、汽車等方面顯示出廣泛的應用前景。
  5. First she generated electricity, then began to build and repair equipment and now manufacture produce. once she was refulgent, but now go to trouble. the dujiang electric power equipment work must quicken the step of reformation, liberate the thought, change the concept, deploitation, inaugurte, draw and actualize the development stratagme of the factory, in order to make the factory walk out the difficult, catch hold of the opportunity, adapt the change and demand of the market environment, and standing develop, in the face of the opportunity that china go to wto and the empolder the west of china, specially, the system of electric power has been reformating and the power electric equipment industry developed quickly