precharge gate中文意思是什麼

precharge gate解釋

  • precharge: 預充電的
  • gate: n 1 大門,扉,籬笆門,門扇。2 閘門;城門;洞門;隘口,峽道。3 【冶金】澆注道,澆口,切口;【無線...

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  1. Toll gate fee will be added on top of the taxi fare aforementioned

  2. Mrs. morel leaned on the garden gate, looking out, and she lost herself awhile.

  3. We start out our tour with a visit to piazza michelangelo, and then follow the river arno to the piazza signoria and the medieval city hall, onto the multi - colored marble grand cathedral - duomo, with the giotto campanile and the magnificent east door of the baptistery known as the gate of paradise. after lunch, drive southward to the medieval city - state of siena

  4. To further reinforce the gateway, many castles had an outer wall or a barbican which screened the gate from attack

  5. Buddha gate disciples have been the beneficiaries