音標 [pri'dɔminəns]
n. 名詞 1. 優越,優勢。
2. 卓越,出眾;顯著,突出。


    1. At the moment of our country ' s achievement of competitive sports, we must see the development strategic problem that our athletics physical education is faced with appropriating settle the culture education ' s essentiality of the active duty / retire athletes, and about the predominance analysis of the athlete ' s reeducation, the embarrassment the active duty / retire athletes meet, and the new anamnesis of the learning development etc

    2. As a practicer in the field, especially a revenue inspector, my pleasure, the author, attached myself to the study in this field by right of my practicing predominance and indited this article to provide suggestions

    3. Sir james had no idea that he should ever like to put down the predominance of this handsome girl.

    4. There is a predominance of black people in the population of jamaica

    5. Pervasion of armament and armament competition are the war hidden behind - the - screen, which break the balance of the configuration of international power and benefit for the countries in seeking predominance in the configuration of international power