preferential terms中文意思是什麼

preferential terms解釋

  • preferential: adj. 1. 優先的;優待的;優先選擇的;差別制的。2. (國際貿易等方面)特惠的。n. 1. 優先權。2. 特惠稅率。n. -ism 關稅特惠主義。n. -ist 關稅特惠主義者。
  • terms: 按貨幣計算

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  1. Second, at three criterion, regulation of diary life, working rules, law. resocialization level are difference and can be measured bythree terms. cognition, abidance and indentity. third part, the factors inflence resocialization of peasantsin city have been devided into objective factors and subject factors before detail analysis. amony objective factors, income actsthe most important role, while the communication media take the first place amony subjective factors. the last part of this paper comes the mainconclusion of the study, the problem remains to be resolved and further research should be conducted

  2. For example, they get easier permission to construct buildings, easier access to funds and substantially better lending terms, and preferential treatment for projects the government wants done

  3. Empirical studies reveal that interest spread is typical of bond terms, affected by issue size, benchmark interest rate, sector of issuers and their credit risks, although certain industries and conglomerates may be granted a preferential interest spread

  4. Under the economic environment of implementing the policy of development in the western region, by considering the physical conditions of every administrative region in the western region, through analyzing the current situation of foreign investment, the history, status quo, reform and preferential tax policy for enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises preferential policy of foreign taxation, this text discusses the inherent limitation of the current foreign taxation system and tries to take a proposal to further the reform of tax system in west china, especially make an more detailed discussion in terms of income tax, added value tax, personal income tax, taxation environment for enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises in western region of china, and finally put forward a suggestion that how to restructure the foreign tax policy in west region of china to meet the demand of development of western region of china

  5. Until last year they were criticised for coddling mr lukashenka with preferential gas terms ? and belarus ' s re - export of duty - free russian oil was, as one foreign observer in minsk puts it, an obvious “ scam ”

    直到去年,他們因以天然氣優惠條款庇護盧卡申科總統而飽受批評白俄羅斯再出口免稅的俄羅斯石油被一位在明斯克外國觀察家冠以一個明顯的"騙局「 。