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  • preliminary: adj 1 預備的;初步的,初級的。2 序言性的,緒言的。n 1 〈常 pl 〉初步,開端;預備行為[步驟、措施]...
  • definition: n. 1. 限定。2. 定義,界說。3. 明確。4. (透鏡的)明晰度。5. (收音機的)清晰度。6. (印花)輪廓。

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  1. The first chapter, to clarify the conception of the " crossing situation ", focuses on expounding the definition and the classification of the " crossing situation ", including the definition of the " power - driven vessel ", " course crossing ", and " so as to involve risk of collision ", the classification of the pattern for the crossing situation as well, meanwhile, the thesis puts forward the general division for the " crossing situation " : such as small angle " crossing situation ", abeam " crossing situation ", and large angle " crossing situation "

    第一篇主要論述「交叉相遇局面」的定義和分類,包括對「機動船」 、 「航向交叉」 、 「致有構成碰撞危險」這三者的定義和交叉相遇局面的分類,使「交叉相遇局面」在概念上有一個清晰的定義,同時明確地給出了交叉相遇局面三種交叉態勢的一般劃分:小角度交叉、正橫交叉、大角度交叉。
  2. The definition of induced abortion has been complicated by a debate about when "life" can be said to begin.

  3. Now, that definition of " tithe " is actually easy to remember because it s an acrostic

  4. They represent 38. 1 % of the total species that have been identified. we performed preliminary study on those mycofiora of agarics under those forests. based on our study, we identified one tropical element family : entolomataceae, two north temperate element families : hygrophoraceae and cortinariaceae ; the other 11 families all belong to cosmopolitan element

    根據論文所研究的傘菌類群,從科的地理分佈看,熱帶亞熱帶成分只有粉褶菌科entolomataceae一科;北溫帶成分的科有兩個,即蠟傘科hygrophoraceae和絲膜菌科;其餘的科均為世界廣布的科,占總科數的78 . 6 。
  5. Glass in building - thermally toughened alkaline earth silicate safety glass - part 1 : definition and description