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  • preliminary: adj 1 預備的;初步的,初級的。2 序言性的,緒言的。n 1 〈常 pl 〉初步,開端;預備行為[步驟、措施]...
  • design: vt 1 計劃,企圖,立意要…。2 指定,預定;留給,留著。3 設計,草擬,擬定,籌劃;起草,畫草圖,打(...

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  1. Product planning involves identifying the buyer ' s needs, working up a preliminary design of the merchandise, checking to see that the product design meets the expectations of buyers, settling on the products final specifications selecting the brand name for the product, determining the type of packaging to be used, and deciding what services to offer with the product

  2. Being resipansible for technology guality of this unit, i have arganized and completed or then 10 great consultative projects in meteluvgical industing including feasible research repart and preliminary design of dan yang ring - type sintering plant loaned from world bank. designed no. 6 semi - contiuars rolling mill line of shagang group ; nangang group steel making plant water treatinent system, feasible research report and preliminarg design of nangang group no. 3 continuous casting machiue and hebei wwan iron making co. 24m2 rinn - tgpe sintering plant, as chief - disigner, none argamizing working drawing disign far it

    作為本單位技術質量負責人,近年來組織了完成了10餘項較大規模的冶多工程咨詢任務,其中包括世行貸款的丹陽環燒工程可研和初步設計;擔負港沙鋼集團六軋車間半連軋生產線設計;南鋼集團煉鋼廠水處理系統完善;南鋼集團煉鋼廠矩形櫃連鑄可研及初步設計;河北武安市鐵業公司24m ^ 2環燒工程擔任總設計師,完成了初步設計,正組織開展施工圖設計。
  3. This paper presents the important effect of construction cost analysis in the schematic design stage based upon the preliminary design of liberation bridge in guilin city, and indicates that a reasonable, safe and economical design scheme can only be obtained when the construction cost analysis is closely mordinated with the structural design of the project

  4. Project construction for wood processing and drying, artificial board and face decoration, incloding the proposal report, overall plan, research for possibility, preliminary design, design of construction

  5. The schedule of accommodation and preliminary design brief for core arts and cultural facilities states the number of car parking spaces for each of the core arts and cultural facilities as a requirement of the government s baseline for each individual facility concerned. however, proponents are not expected to provide an aggregate of all car parking spaces stated in the schedule of accommodation and preliminary design brief for core arts and cultural facilities ( 2, 300 in total ) for the exclusive use of the core arts and cultural facilities