prepared aconite root中文意思是什麼

prepared aconite root解釋

  • prepared: adj. 1. 有準備的,準備好的。2. 精製的,特別處理過的。adv. -ly
  • aconite: n. 【植物;植物學】附子,草烏,烏頭。adj. -nitic
  • root: n 魯特〈姓氏〉。n 1 (草木、毛發等的)根;根菜,食用菜根;根莖,地下莖;塊根;有根植物,草木,草...

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  1. Who is prepared to speak for the accused ?

  2. Chinaroot greenbrier alias has water chestnut of king kong root, iron, have defeat poison to fight cancer, control the function with acerbity collect blood, acetanilide detumescence, 3 gold piece in have this gout drug

  3. Sinec this is the first year that it got planted, please be prepared that it may take a full year for the root system to get acclimated to the adjacent soil

  4. Methods : the root canal with root canal orifice burs and helical drilling bits were prepared in advance

  5. In the third chapter, i plan the deve1opment strategies for chinese large prepared chinese medicine enterprises. main contents of the developfnent strategies are demonstrated as follows : having their business root in the prepared chinese medicine industry ; being establ ished in chinese mainland, focusing on the realms in which prepared chinese medicine has advantages, practicing differentiation strategy while dealing in core business : practicing appropriate concentric diversification strategy circling around the prepared chinese medicifle industry