prescription glasses中文意思是什麼

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  • prescription: n. 1. 命令,訓令,指示;規定;法規;(應守的)舊習慣。2. 【醫學】藥方,處方;處方的藥。3. 【法律】(依據傳統或長期使用等而)要求權利;(由於長期使用等而)獲得權利。
  • glasses: 眼鏡,雙筒鏡

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  1. Al and its alloys adhere well to thermally grown and to deposited silicate glasses.

  2. General the medicaments on surgical prescription is lacteal peaceful grain, soft capsule of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia, lacteal peaceful grain is on anamnesis, i take drug by prescription, where is the doctor ' s responsibility

  3. Near bronze from anear near gold from afar they chinked their clinking glasses all, brighteyed and gallant, before bronze lydia s tempting last rose of summer, rose of castille. first lid, de, cow, ker, doll, a fifth : lidwell, si dedalus, bob cowley, kernan and big ben dollard

  4. The rock texture , mineral occurence feature , ore electronmagnetic milling and applied possibilities in ceramics and glass of the jadeite metamorphic aegirine - augite nepheline syenite in suizhou , hubei were studied. the results show that the ore deposit combines the advantages of mining and milling , and the finished ore by single electronmagnetic milling may be fully utilized as the raw materials for ceramics and glasses. meanwhile , another important fact is that the compositon with 90 percent raw ore may be manufactured into the wall and floor tiles with glaze, which was affirmed by a lot of experiment research

  5. Nine dragons special treasure prescription originated from the aulic secret prescription in the qianlong epoch of china