preview release中文意思是什麼

preview release解釋

  • preview: n. 1. 預觀;預映,試映;預演,試演;(展覽會的)預展;預習。2. (電影)預告片。vt. 預觀;預映,試映;預演;預展;預習。
  • release: vt 1 放(箭等),投(炸彈);解放,釋放(囚犯、俘虜等);使免除;救出;解除(痛苦、債務等) (fro...

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  1. The abductors are demanding millions of naira as ransom for his release

  2. Using information of the source term ( information on the magnitude of the radiological release, including the amounts, types and ratios of the released radioactive materials ) and meteorological conditions, the acas models the transport and dispersion of the released radioactive materials and predicts the radiation dose to the public

  3. After 3 years of preparation, jerry yan is going to release his first mandarin album ! jerry is involved in every part of the productions of the alb.

  4. But after all these years, i learn to do something to release my negativity on these kinds of stuff, like i will go to " alcoholize " myself, go to shop, go to have a nice meal or doing something good to please myself

  5. Amanda has worked on numerous websphere projects, including the configuration management of the common event infrastructure technical preview release