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  • primary: adj 1 第一的,最初的,初級的;初等的;基本的;基層的。2 主要的,為首的,第一位的。3 原始的,根本...
  • color: 〈美國〉=〈英國〉 colour。n 1 顏色,色彩;色調;著色;色素,顏料,染料;〈pl 〉 圖畫顏料。2 臉色...
  • signal: n 1 信號,暗號;信號器。2 動機,導火線 (for)。3 預兆,徵象。adj 1 暗號的,作信號用的。2 顯著的...

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  1. In this paper also discuss the way of doing with display color signal : for example color television. some interrelated color optics technology is explained. at last, the strongpoint of lasers display in color and the work needing to do in color is confirmed. in order to display perfect color image, we put forward a new method to realize the establishment of lasers rgb system, and the conversion between lasers rgb system and tv rgb system

  2. When i paint it, i choose the pure black and dark blue as primary color. in the picture, i describe the man ' s expression emphatically, and others are rough matting. there ' re lots of details to be painted, but now, i just want the picture remains this status to express the black of death, grey of desperation, blue of sadness

  3. Plus a primary color filter assures you of genuine color fidelity

    而原色( primary - color )濾鏡則可確保影像色彩逼真重現。
  4. Y type and s type dual - path saw mass sensors have been tested and analysed in detail. their frequency domain characteristics and time domain characteristics have been tested under non - oscillatory mode. transmission characteristics of y type s type and " - " type saw mass sensors are derived by p matrix representation. primary delay signal triple reflection signal and quintuple reflection signal of these sensor devices have been analysed in detail

    結果表明,在正常工作模式下, y型和s型雙聲路聲表醚質量傳感器件的三次渡越反射信號和五次渡越反射信號比「一」字型雙聲路聲表醚質量傳感器件的三次渡越反射信號和五次渡越反射信號分別小12db 、 16 . 67db和n _ . sdb ? 17 . 3db 。
  5. The high - tech primary color coat ensures 100 % light transmittance. it can effectively protect your eyes from strong light and reflected glare, in turn prolong working and entertainment time without getting tired

    採用高科技原色鍍層, 100 %透光率。過濾強光及反射光,有效保護眼睛,延長工作及娛樂時間,不覺疲勞。