primordial yin中文意思是什麼

primordial yin解釋

  • primordial: adj 原始的,初生的,初發的,最初的;(從)原始時代存在的;基本的。 primordial customs 原始時代的...
  • yin: adj. ,pron. ,n. 〈蘇格蘭語〉= one.

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  1. Its symbolic connotation from this owes to the returning cyclical nature of the seasons ; the oscillations of the night sky ; self - fecundation ; disintegration and re - integration ; truth and cognition complete ; the androgyne ; the primaeval waters ; the potential before the spark of creation ; the undifferentiated ; the totality ; primordial unity ; self - sufficiency, and the idea of the beginning and the end as being a continuous unending principle

  2. I have always felt there was a primordial tug in human nature, prominent in some people, less so in others, toward things that scared the bejabbers out of us

  3. Professor kenneth chau, dean of faculty of social science, the chinese university of hong kong, ms gu xiao - jin, secretary general of china youth development foundation, mr zhang yin - xi, vice director of the project hope national supervisory committee, and dr allen choate, director of program development, the asia foundation officiated at the opening ceremony

  4. This article is composed by four parts. the foreword introduces simply the process of from establishment to development and contabescence of shanxi bank and the operating and running status. then bring forward the theme of this article that the organizational and managing system was the determinant factors of the prosperity and decline of shanxi bank and its experiences and lessons lend a helping hand to the enterprises of our time. the first part mainly tells of the organizational system and managing mode which drove the development and prosperity of shanxi bank, i t was consisted of the organizing system of the ownership departing from the power of management, and the capital frame of composing by the yin - share and manpower - share, and the human resources management system including high - level various and with elasticity distributing system and strict managing system, and the rigorous mamaging system and flexible running frame, and the enterprise culture of combining tigtly with the ru culture

  5. The residents of two of hungary s larger cities - debrecen and szeged - had never been introduced to supreme master ching hai or the quan yin method. so on january 18 and 19, 2003 fellow initiates from the budapest and gyor centers decided to hold two truth - sharing video seminars there. it was the first time the initiates had ever visited these cities, where previously no fellow initiates or convenient method practitioners resided