printing ink for metal-foil中文意思是什麼

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  • printing: n 1 印刷;版;印刷術;印刷業;印刷品;〈pl 〉供印刷用的紙。2 〈美國〉印刷次數,版次;(書等的一次...
  • ink: n 1 墨水;(印刷用的)油墨。2 (烏賊分泌的)墨液。3 〈俚語〉咖啡;廉價酒。vt 1 用墨水寫;塗油墨;...
  • for: FOR f o r = free on rail 【商業】火車上交貨(價格)。1 〈表示目標、去向〉向,往。 leave [sail] f...
  • metal: n 1 金屬;金屬製品;金屬合金。2 【化學】金屬元素;(opp alloy);金屬性。3 【徽章】金色;銀色。4 ...
  • foil: n 1 箔,金屬薄片。2 (鏡底的)銀箔,(寶石等的)襯底。3 襯托物,陪襯的角色;烘托,襯托。4 【建築...

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  1. Series of guowei dry - method composite machines as new product are explored with our many years ' experience, the requirement of the users. the first metal of this machine is adopted with : photo - ecectricity auto. tracking " correcting deviation equipment, magnetic powder tension control. pneumatic back pressure shifting blade, oven temperature controlled qutomatically, big roll with oil heating, coating composite pneumatic control as well as double frequency governor etc. it will make the machine with fast speed, lower voice, low polluted by air, shout consumptionfor energy, stable working etc. especially suitable for al - foil with smooth surface and no enough firming, glass paper, polyester ect. the composite material with hard strength, fireproof, anti - ventilation, anti - fatty, frozen, dudrable steam etc character. it is widely used in food, pharmacy, as well as daily articles to package

    「國偉」 、系列乾式復合機,是我廠根據多年的復合機製造經驗及結合客戶需求,開發的新產品,該機第一基材採用了「光電自動跟蹤」糾偏放卷裝置,磁粉張力控制、氣動背壓移動式刮刀、烘箱溫度分段自動控制、大輥筒導熱油加熱、上膠復合氣動控制及雙變頻調速技術,使該機具有復合速度快、噪聲低、空氣污染小、能耗低、運行平穩等特點,適宜於表面光滑的鋁箔玻璃紙聚酰胺等與聚乙烯、聚丙烯等薄膜的復合,復合薄膜具有強度高、防水、防透氣、防油脂、可冷凍、蒸煮等優點,廣泛應用冷凍食品、乾燥食品、醫藥品及日用品的包裝。
  2. A. the preparation of sliding ink for plastic printing. b., widely used in ht e preparation of double components epoxy paint and epoxy adhesive, the curing matter own fine mechanical and electrochemical property ; it is also applied in the manufacture of low temp

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  4. Smtc versatile friction testing machine is designed and developed by this company, which is mainly used for the surface abrasice - resisting and solvent resisting testing of the paint membrane, printing ink, dying printing and plating coationg of the product made of rubber, plastics and metal, bear the melting agent test. etxc

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