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proactive fiscal policy解釋

  • proactive: 積極主動/提前行動
  • fiscal: adj. 1. 國庫的。2. 〈美國〉財政上的;會計的。n. 1. 財政部長;(蘇格蘭等的)檢察官;(西班牙及葡萄牙的)檢察長。2. 印花稅票。3. 財政年度,會計年度。
  • policy: n 1 政策,政綱;方針,方向;方法。2 策略;權謀;智慧;精明的行為。3 【軍事】政治,行政。4 〈蘇格...

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  1. Proactive fiscal policy : prospects amp; trends - the transition from fueling economic growth to improving quality and benefit of economic growth

  2. In this paper, four questions will be mainly discussed according to the proactive fiscal policy. ( a ) theory basis, history experience and important measures of proactive fiscal policy

  3. The fourth one discusses the orientation of current proactive fiscal policy, placing emphasizes on effectively stimulating consumption, investment and net exports. then the paper continues to propose the necessity and the right time why and when the proactive fiscal policy should gradually exit

  4. We need to keep the momentum in continuing to implement the proactive fiscal policy and the prudent monetary policy and to adopt other supporting macroeconomic policies

  5. The third one focuses on some hot spots in the proactive fiscal policy and a result is given that currently the implementation of proactive fiscal policy has n ' t any sign of crowding out effects. there is no room for large - scale tax reduction an d the state is free from debt risks