processing section中文意思是什麼

processing section解釋
處理部件, 處理部分

  • section: n 1 (外科、解剖的)切斷;切割;切開。2 【外科】切片,【金相】磨石。3 (果子的)瓣。4 【數學】截...

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  1. What ' s it called, um, the electronic data processing section

  2. The deodorization is a very important processing section to remove the natural colora

  3. The interest group on processing of legal aid applications reviewed the current processing arrangements and would consider whether an appeal mechanism could be established in respect of the refusal of legal aid in criminal appeal cases in addition to the existing arrangements under section 26a of the legal aid ordinance for which the council assumes responsibility

  4. Acta petrolei sinica petroleum processing section

  5. 1. assuming prismatic cross - section in the direction of the track, when the difference of the characteristic of soil along track is slight, and then processing expansion in wavenumbers along this direction

    為此,本文主要研究了以下幾個方面: 1 、在考慮軌道方向上地基土性質差別不大的前提下,取列車移動方向為相同的截面,並沿這個方向進行波數展開。