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  • projection: n 1 射出,投擲,發射,噴射。2 投射;投影,投影法;(地圖)投影圖製法;【電影】放映。3 凸出;凸出...
  • reduction: n 1 縮小,減少;降級,降位;(刑罰等的)輕減;減速;減價,折扣。2 (城市、國家等的)陷落,投降,...
  • scale: n 1 (尺、秤等上刻劃的)分度,度數,標,標度,刻度;尺寸;尺,尺度。2 【音樂】(標度)音階;音列...

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  1. Abstract : a new concept of turning line of reduction parameters and its determination method is put forward in this paper for analyzing the isopleth diagram showing the relationship between reduction degree and reduction parameters in reduction of compressed scale lump containing carbon, and the method of optimal selection for reduction parameters is obtained

  2. Improve the management level of coscon, meet the increasing demands in the capital market ; enhance the professional business ability, strengthen and develop the global container shipping network ; implement active sales policy ; solidify, penetrate and extend effective market ; equally develop fleet management and managing fleet, route extension and reduction ; build effective customer service system, win the market by “ high quality ” service ; bring the advantage of alliance cooperation into full play, improve the profit - making ability ; strengthen the use of information system, boost “ digital ” development ; implement the strategy of “ talent for strong business ”, train responsible company and responsible staff ; establish a complete financial and accounting system of capital operation to improve the level of financial management ; optimize the domestic and overseas management pattern, form a resultant force of the global container shipping network ; expand the scale of shipping capacity, enhance the company ' s competitive edge ; finish the transformation from sheer production operation to the double operations of capital and production, maintain the sound and stable development of business

    提高公司管治水平,滿足不斷提升的資本市場要求;增強專業化經營能力,鞏固發展全球集裝箱網路化運輸;實行積極營銷政策,鞏固、滲透和拓展有效市場;實現船隊經營與經營船隊並舉及航線擴張與退出並舉;構築有效的客戶服務體系,以「高品質」服務贏得市場;發揮聯盟合作優勢,提高盈利能力;堅持強化運用信息系統,催生「數字化」 ;實施「人才強業」戰略,打造責任公司、責任員工;建立完善資本經營財會體系,提高財務管理水平;完善海內外管理模式,形成全球集裝箱運輸營銷網路的合力;擴大公司運力規模、增強公司競爭實力;完成由單純的生產經營向資本經營和生產經營並舉的轉變,實現公司業務的健康、穩健發展。
  3. Drawing ruler - reduction flat ruler and triangle scale

  4. Along with silicon ulsi technology has seen an exponential improvement in virtually any figure of merit, as described by moore ’ s law ; the miniaturization of circuit elements down to the nanometer scale has resulted in structures which exhibt novel physical effects due to the emerging quantum mechanical nature of the electrons, the new devices take advantage of quantum mechanical phenomena that emerge on the nanometer scale, including the discreteness of electrons. laws of quantum mechanics and the limitations of fabrication may soon prevent further reduction in the size of today ’ s conventional field effect transistors ( fet ’ s )

  5. The integrated system of smelting reduction ironmaking - gasolinesynthesis - electric - ity generation, in which the coal gas produced inthe ironmaking module is first cleaned and then used as the fuel for theelectricity generation module or raw material of the gasoline synthesismodule, can resolve the problem of utilization of tail gas in thesmelting reduction ironmaking and the large investment of gasificationin the integrated gasification combined cycle and gasoline synthesis. taking efficiency, scale and product structure into consideration, the processes of the two - stage smelting reduction ironmaking - combined cycleelectricity generation with coal gas, the two - stage smeltingreduction ironmaking - steam cycle electricity generation with coal gas, the one - stage smelting reduction ironmaking - combined cycleelectricity generation with coal gas, and the one - stagesmelting reduction ironmaking - gasoline synthesis with coal gas - steamcycle electricity generation with tail gas are techno - economicallyfeasible and have the promise of being industrialized