promoter area中文意思是什麼

promoter area解釋

  • promoter: n. 1. 增進者,助長者;振興者,獎勵者;後援人;(通常指惡意的)煽動者。2. (企業等)發起人;推銷者。3. 【化學】促進劑,助催化劑。4. (宗教裁判的)起訴人。
  • area: n. 1. 面積;平地;地面。2. 空地;〈英國〉地下室前的空地。3. 地區,地方;〈比喻〉區域;范圍。

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  1. Zhejiang xinda machine factory is member of china package association, the professional enterprise of manufactureing plastic packing machinery, the state star spark project - undertaking member, the provincial science technology star spark demonstration enterprise, award of the provincial science and technology progress, award of the advance enterprise at wenzhou and pingyan, we gain the title of respecting compact and keeping faith of provincial and local area unit and aaas bank credit enterprise title many times

  2. The area on the north coast around the island ' s biggest city, fukuoka, is abuzz

  3. Tsui also deserves accolades in the area of special effects

  4. It was fifteen to twenty seconds before the whole of the working area of the ship was filled with black acrid pungent smoke.

  5. At each deanery level, assist persons with mental handicaps in the area to form small faith communities, and, if possible, to have a spiritual leader who is a priest, religious brother or sister. these groups can meet once or twice a month to develop friendship and mutual trust as well as to deepen spiritual life. mobilise and train people who are concerned for persons with mental handicaps so that they can be the promoter, pastoral worker need special training and leader of these groups