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  • proportional: adj (成)比例的;相稱的,平衡的,調和的 (to)。 a proportional number 比例數。 a proportional e...
  • elastic: adj. 1. 有彈力[彈性]的。2. 伸縮自如的,靈活的。3. 機變的,輕快的。n. 橡皮線,松緊帶,橡皮圈。adv. -ally
  • limit: n. 1. 界限,界線;邊界。2. 極限,限度;限制。3. 〈pl. 〉范圍,范域。4. 限價;限額;賭注限額;獵物限額。vt. 1. 限制,限定。2. 減少。adj. -able

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  1. Elastic limit yeung ' s module of elasticity to yield point

  2. Elastic theory and plastic theory are adopted in the analysis of the two section composite beam. elastic theory suggests, on the condition of the same steel beam section size, the composite beam for the floorslab is suited lower flanges convertion section stiffness cuts down by 75. 1 %, elastic limit bending resistant capability cuts down by 47. 9 %, than the composite beam for the floorslab is suited on the top flange. it s conversion section stiffness is lifted 8. 0 %, elastic limit bending resistant capability is lifted 0. 20 %, than the steel beam

    彈性理論分析的結果表明,在鋼梁截面大小相同的條件下,樓板位於鋼梁下翼緣的組合梁和樓板位於鋼樑上翼緣的組合梁相比,其換算截面剛度降低75 . 1 ,梁的彈性極限抗彎承載力降低47 . 9 ,樓板位於鋼梁下翼緣的組合梁和純鋼梁相比,其換算截面剛度提高8 . 0 ,梁的彈性極限抗彎承載力提高0 . 2 。
  3. There was marked and extremely marked linear positive relativity among condylar elastic - limit load, largest load, stiffness and bone density, in which all relative coefficients exceeded 0. 862

  4. A two - dimensional finite element program, in digital visual fortran version 6. 0 language, is developed for the numerical computation. due to time limit, elastic modeling is adopted while writing program

  5. Abstract : this paper mainly discussed the policy property of interest tax and analyzed the expectation of chinese government on it. it went further into several proposals of optimizing interest tax policy, which included changing proportional tax rate of 20 percent into excess progressive tax rate, putting the income of interest tax to the use of government purchase and substituting elastic tax policy for fexed one