propulsive horse power中文意思是什麼

propulsive horse power解釋

  • propulsive: adj. 推進的,促進的,有推進力的。
  • horse: n (pl horses 〈集合詞〉horse)1 馬〈尤指長大的公馬〉,馬科動物。2 〈集合詞〉騎兵。3 像馬的東西,...
  • power: n 1 力,力量;能力;體力,精力;(生理)機能;〈常 pl 〉才能。2 勢力,權力,權限;威力;政權;權...

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  1. With the known imputing torsional moment ti and horse power hi of the gear

  2. Use full horse power for take - off due to the temperature too high

  3. While speaking highly of railway ' s achievement since the 16th cpc national congress, chairman jia noted that the chinese people have built the world ' s top - notch qtr line while relying on our own strength, and chinese railway people have developed and manufactured 200km / h and 300km / h emu trains and high horse - power locomotives through introduction, digestion, absorption and re - innovation, thus making a major contribution to the building of an innovation - oriented country

    他對黨的十六大以來鐵路工作取得的成績給予充分肯定,指出,中國人依靠自己的力量,建設了具有世界一流水平的青藏鐵路;通過引進消化吸收再創新,設計製造了達到世界先進水平的時速200公里、 300公里動車組和大功率機車,中國鐵路為建設創新型國家作出了巨大貢獻。
  4. Tangxu railway 1435 mm gauge, from tangshang to xugezhuang 9. 7 km was the first railway of china government qing dynasty in 1881. this railway was begined by horse power. however, a steam locomotive was used from 1882

    零號蒸汽機車原來行駛在唐胥鐵路自唐山至胥各莊,長9 . 7公里,軌距1435毫米,是1881年中國政府清朝最初修建的自辦鐵路。
  5. The steamer mongolia, belonging to the peninsular and oriental company, built of iron, of two thousand eight hundred tons burden, and five hundred horse - power, was due at eleven o clock a. m. on wednesday, the 9th of october, at suez