propyl propionate中文意思是什麼

propyl propionate解釋

  • propyl: n. 【化學】丙基。adj. -ic
  • propionate: n. 丙酸鹽,丙酸酯。

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  1. These peaks correspond to side-chain cleavage of the ethyl and propyl groups respectively.

  2. In this thesis, the development of emulsion polymerization theory and related new technologies are comprehensively reviewed, and the synthetic technologies of acrylate latex modified by organosilicon both at home and abroad are also reviewed. based on the current development and research in this field, attentions of this study are focused on three ways for preparing novel acrylate latexes modified by organosilicons, that is, 1 ) the acrylate monomers are copolymerized with unsaturated silicons by emulsion copolymerization ; 2 ) a new latex with microphase separation morphology is synthesized, which shows a core - shell structure character ; 3 ) soap - free polymerization is explored for preparing a higher - performance latex using an unsaturated silicon monomer, different acrylates and a reactive emulsifier. by using techniques of delaying addition of organosilicon monomer and a hydrolysis inhibitor, the hydrolysis and condensation of 3 - ( trimethoxysilyl ) propyl methacrylate during polymerization can be effectively prevented, as a result, organosilicon content in the macromolecular chain is increased

    同時採用有機硅單體延遲滴加及添加水解抑制劑等技術,有效防止了-甲基丙烯酰氧基丙基三甲氧基硅烷在乳液聚合過程中的過渡水解及縮合反應,提高了聚合物大分子鏈中有機硅鏈節的含量;利用紅外光譜與差示掃描量熱儀對產物分子結構進行了表徵,並通過對共聚產物力學和吸水率的測試,證實了本研究所制備的有機硅改性丙烯酸酯共聚物具有比純丙烯酸酯聚合物更優良的力學及耐水性能;從分子設計角度出發,利用醇解反應合成出水解、縮合反應速率較慢的兩種新型不飽和有機硅單體: ?甲基丙烯酰氧基丙基三乙氧基硅烷和?甲基丙烯酰氧基丙基三異丙氧基硅烷;利用核磁共振對新型硅烷單體結構進行了證實;研究表明利用新型硅烷單體可以制備出高硅烷含量的有機硅改性丙烯酸酯乳液,且其聚合產物具有較高的力學及耐水性能。
  3. Using niobic acid as catalyst, cyclohexane as dehydrant, benzyl propionate was synthesized based on propionic acid and benzyl alcohol

  4. Based on orthogonal test, the factors influencing the synthesis of di - n - propyl phosphite, such as reaction temperature, reaction time and molar ratio of reactant, were investigated

  5. Catalytic synthesis of ethyl propionate with p - toluene sulfonic acid