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  • driller: 操練員, 鉆床, 鉆機, 鉆探工

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  1. First this paper describes the composing and technics of drillers ; then the composing of control system based on s7 - 300plc is described ; then thinking of such characteristics of oil driller as complexity and long delay, this paper brings forward the control strategy of combining the fuzzy control with smith estimate control algorithm, and sets down the way of auto - driller based on discal hydraulic pressure brake. at last the experiment based on matlab by computer shows that the effect of this control mode is very good and all performance are famous

    首先本文闡述了鉆機的組成與工藝特點,然後描述了基於西門子s7 - 300plc的控制系統組成,然後針對傳統鉆機自動送鉆控制策略落後的缺陷,同時考慮到鉆機的復雜性、大滯后等特點,提出了模糊控制演算法與施密斯( smith )預估控制演算法相結合的控制策略,給出了基於液壓盤式剎車的自動送鉆智能控制策略, matlab的模擬實驗證明該控制方式控制效果良好,各方面性能指標都達到理想要求。
  2. Company has possessed 600 employess, over 68manag. ement personnel and 22 technicians since is was founded. inwhich junior college graduatre account for 90 %, average ages of employees is 28 years, area of factory building is 20000sq. meter annusi value of production is 80 milions yuan and have three modemization production line and advanced equipment and perfct monitor and measunng device as puncher, driller, lathe, measurig truck, cutter, shielded welder and pipe bendin machine. main production of company are all kinds of generators, both petrol and dlesel series, water umps, luggage rack of vehicle, bumper, fuel tankall kinds of motorcycle rack, auto majhong machine and whd series of dlecmolishde vehide, wide varieties, a complete range of specification. the products have stable qusity and advanced

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  5. 2. equipments : cutter, grinder, sprayer, mixer, driller, extractor, some digital equipments are provided as required by customers