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  • protein: n. 【化學】朊,蛋白(質)。
  • blot: n 1 墨污,墨漬,污點,污斑。2 瑕疵;恥辱,污名。3 〈古語〉塗去,抹去。vt ( tt )1 用(墨水等)弄...

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  1. Nogo - 66 receptor, ngr, cloned in 2001, is a leucine - rich - repeat glycophosphatidylinositol - anchored membrane protein which mediates nogo - 66 inhibition of axonal outgrowth. both the long acidic amino - terminal domain and the nogo - 66 fragment have strong neurite growth inhibitory activity suggest that nogo - a has at least two inhibitory domains. northern blot, in situ hybridization, western blot and immunocytochemistry analyses show that in addition to oligodendrocytes, nogo - a mrna and nogo - a protein are also expressed in neurons in developing and adult brain and spinal cord, nogo - a is also found in peripheral organs such as heart and testis

    Northernblot 、原位雜交、 westernblot和免疫組化結果證明: nogo amrna和nogo蛋白除了在cns的寡突膠質細胞中表達,還表達于發育階段和成年的腦、脊髓和外周神經節的某些神經元中,在外周組織如睪丸和心臟也有表達; nogoe在cns和pns以及多種外周組織中有廣泛分佈; nogo (除表達于腦和心臟外,在骨骼肌中有較高表達。
  2. Get the inclusion bodies 2 ) western blot analysis of fusion protein expression ( 1 ) electrophoresis ( 2 ) transfer proteins from gel to membrane ( 3 ) blocking ( 4 ) incubation with primary antibody ( 5 ) enzyme conjugate incubation ( 6 ) substrate incubation. 3 ) gst detection module with cdnb enzymatic assay 3 purification of gst fusion proteins 1 the denaturalization of inclusion bodies. 2 purification using glutathione sepharose 4b column wash matrix with 1 pbs, prepare a 50 % slurry for batch purification method, pack column with matrix slurry

    三、 gst一hbrp重組蛋白的純化1 .超聲破碎細胞,離心,上清和沉澱進行sds一page電泳分析2 .樣品處理提取包涵體,變性后,加人用pbs平衡過的以utal腸onesepb抓脫4b ,室溫下孵育3 .以utadtionesepharose4b柱純化以utad雲onesepharose4b柱的準備根據毛山lel ,決定純化所需的gll衛ta1如oneseph娜se4b的柱床體積,用預冷的1xpbs清洗cldtathionese戶, se4b ,得到50 %的基質
  3. The fragments were ligated directly to the pichia pastrois expression vector ppic9 to got ppic9 - e3and ppic9 - e8. vectors were amplificated in the e. coli dh5 a and were linearized with bgl ii. the linearized vctors were transformed into host strain gs115. the recombinated strain was selected though phynotype and pcrthe positive strain was induced with methyl alcohol and was selected by dot - elisa. the recombinated protein was detected with sds - page and western - blot as before

    重組菌用甲醇誘導表達,用dot - elisa的方法篩選到表達量較高的菌株。將篩選出的菌株大量的誘導表達,對表達上清處理后,用sds - page和western - blot進行鑒定。同時,用hiprep16 10heparinff肝素親和柱對表達蛋白進行了初步的純化。
  4. Northern blot results suggested hal32 is a late gene and produced multiple transcripts in different sizes. to elucidate its function, hal32 was expressed as a gst - fusion protein in e. coli

    No , themblot結果表明hai32是一個晚期基因,在病毒感染后72d時產生多個轉錄產物。
  5. Analysises of serum amyloid protein in senile dementia patients using immuno - slot blot