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  • scale: n 1 (尺、秤等上刻劃的)分度,度數,標,標度,刻度;尺寸;尺,尺度。2 【音樂】(標度)音階;音列...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • hardness: n. 1. 堅固。2. 冷酷無情。3. 苛刻。4. 困難。5. 硬性;硬度。6. 飛彈基地防禦核攻擊的能力。

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  1. Feldspqr s degree of hardness motion between 6 - 6. 5, specific weight motion bet ween 2 - 2. 5. it s brittleness but have the higher anti - to press the strength, right sour have the stronger chemistry stability. the potassic feldspar s color many is red for meat, and also have the ash, white the brown. the albite is white, ash and buff the anorthite is white or shallow gray

    長石的硬度波動於6 - 6 . 5 ,比重波動於2 - 2 . 5 ,性脆,有較高的抗壓強度,對酸有較強的化學穩定性。鉀長石顏色多為肉紅色,也有灰白褐色。鈉長石為白灰及淺黃色,鈣長石為白色或淺灰色。
  2. The scale of vegetable, forage grass, chinese traditional medicinal materials, wood fruit flowers, breed aquatics etc. five species industries are enlarged continuously, famous, excellent, special and new breed aquatics species are fetched in, cadreman head enterprises are cultivated to accelerate the development of agriculture industrialization

  3. For this reason, protodrakonov scale of hardness of the cobalt crust is measured by impact crushing test and factors affecting its crushability are analysed, providing the basis for designing crushing devices

  4. A highly efficient corrosion and scale inhibitor for heat power plant cooling water with high concentrations of hardness and alkalinity

  5. Verification scheme for measuring instruments of hardness testing on shore scale d