1. E stablished upon the approval of the people ' s government of hebei prov - ince in june, 1996, center for international economic and cultural exchange, hebei is a separate province - level social institution affiliated to general office of hebei provincial people ' s government

    2. Upon this the captain pretended to have no power without me ; but after some difficulty, and after their solemn promises off amendment, they were taken on board, and were some time after soundly whipp d and pickl d ; after which, they prov d very honest and quiet fellows

    3. 2098 zuanshi street wafangdian liaoning prov

    4. It happen d to my farther misfortune, that the weather prov d hazey for three or four days, while was in this valley ; and not being able to see the sun, i wander d about very uncomfortably, and at last was oblig d to find out the sea side, look for my post, and come back the same way i went ; and then by easy journies i turn d homeward, the weather being exceeding hot, and my gun, ammunition, hatchet, and other things very heavy

    5. To get there by car from tainan city, take provincial highway 20. if arriving by freeway national highway 3 or 8, exit at the hsinhua interchange onto prov