proxy forms中文意思是什麼

proxy forms解釋

  • proxy: n. 1. 代理(權);代表(權);代理投票。2. 代理人,代表人;代用品。3. (對代理人的)委託書。
  • forms: 窗體

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  5. Part three, discussing the fundamental principles of school education from the aesthetic point of view, argues that, in school education, the value of educational aesthetics cannot be attained unless the basic belief has been established that aesthetics both inspires and unifies truth and good. in this part, the author elaborates on its epistemoiogical foundation, its basic implications and specific contents in school education. to achieve this, the author further affirms that the aesthetic education takes the acquisition of aesthetic perception as its intrinsic psychological condition, affectional education as its medium, artistic education as its foundation and aesthetic educational forms as its additional important conditions