public accumulation中文意思是什麼

public accumulation解釋

  • public: adj (opp private)1 公共的,公眾的,公用的;人民的,社會的,國家的;政府的,公營的,公立的。2 (...
  • accumulation: n. 1. 積累,堆積;累積物。2. 〈英大學〉高低學位的同時獲得。

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  1. Since the developing time of security market is still rather short, the data accumulation is lacked. in addition, the industry has a high level of privacy, except the season report or year report required by law, data are not made public, so the writer could not analyze them by quantitative method, thus making the article lack of vertical and horizontal comparison

  2. The second chapter deals with city norm from the economics point of view. in this chapter, the author mainly talks about the essence and the formulation and the normalcy of city norm from the perspectives of culture accumulation, game theory and public selection

  3. Public accumulation fund for housing construction loaning has now become main body of chinese policy - related housing finance, which has enhanced workers ' ability of paying for their houses, lowered their burden of loaning, and it is the first choice for most urban workers who want their individual housing loan

  4. Convening of major public and professional media at the press conference in recent years, through long - term accumulation of organizing exhibitions of their clients network domestic and international publicity for 3, printing 500, 000 tickets, invitations 300, 000. at the wholesale adoption of the organizing committee for businessmen from the 4, through television, radio, newspapers, professional journals, terms of strong advocacy for the promotion of a comprehensive 5. more options at home and abroad with the scale and impact of similar professional conduct promotion and organization of visitors 6, through foreign agencies in china including embassies, chambers, trade organizations promotion

  5. It is evident that the higher elasticity of output with respect to public capital, no matter on the assumption of exogenous technology advancement or technology is considered to endogenously evolve as a function of capital accumulation. on the basis of econometric analysis, we have back up the endogenous theory of technology evolved by capital accumulation

    在計量分析的基礎上,我們支持了技術由資本積累引致的內生增長假設,在考慮資本積累外部性的情況下,公共資本的產出彈性為0 . 54 ,與目前國內的主要研究結果相一致。