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  • pulp: n 1 果肉;(植物的)髓。2 牙髓。3 紙漿;漿狀物;【冶金】礦漿。4 〈美俚〉〈常 pl 〉庸俗雜志。adj ...
  • body: n 1 身體,體軀,肉體;屍首;軀干,【林業】立木。2 本體,主體;主力;本文,正文;部分。3 (衣服的...
  • froth: n. 1. 泡,泡沫;口邊白沫。2. 渣滓,廢物。3. 淺薄的意見,空想,空談。vt. 1. 使生泡沫。2. 用輕松的東西裝飾。vi. 起泡沫。
  • flotation: n. = floatation.

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  1. Pulp body froth flotation

  2. An image segmentation of flotation froth based on watershed transformation

  3. Four sides supporting structure. after draw molded, spot welded, high quality armor plate is filled with froth cement filling in the lumen, sticked hpl melamine anti - static paster or pvc anti - static paster on the surface and enchased conductive embeder. the whole body is galvanized. the raised pedestal can lock itself and be adjusted

  4. Product effect : enhances the fat metabolism speed, the increase fat metabolismquantity, the dissolution stores up the fat, alleviates theconstipation, the control fat synthesis, improves the intestinal tractenvironment, the acceleration fat consumption when a thin rulerencircles 3 - 12 centimeter body weight to drop 0. 3 - 1. 5kg equipment technology parameter voltage 220v - 240v frequency 50 60hz power 160w packing specification : 50 55 120cm weight 36kg packing standard : dustproof bag duplicate suitable pressure pearl froth cotton and kapokskeleton isolation

    產品效果:提高脂肪代謝速度,增加脂肪代謝量,溶解囤積脂肪,緩解便秘,控制脂肪合成,改善腸道環境,加速脂肪消耗.當次瘦尺圍3 - 12厘米體重下降0 . 31 . 5kg
  5. Methods for froth flotation testing of hard coal - evaluation of flotation characteristics