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  1. Results dry matter accumulation of aerial part and under ground part of a. dahurica showed " s " curve, dry matter of aerial part gradually increased from the end of july to the early october and got to the peak in mid - october, then gradually decreased ; dry matter of under ground portion increased slowly in earlier stage and became rapidly from the end of august to the end of september, then reduced

    結果白芷地上和地下部分干物質積累呈「 s 」型曲線,地上部分干物質在7月底至10月初逐漸增加, 10月中旬達到高峰,隨后降低;地下部分干物質前期增加較慢, 8月底至9月底為快速增長期,隨后增加稍有減慢。
  2. Studies on cultivation measures of angelica dahurica

  3. Chemical constituents of angelica dahurica

  4. The accumulation of isoimperatorin was the highest in the end of october when a. dahurica was harvest

  5. Methods use weighing method to weight the dry matter and an hplc method to determine the content of isoimperatorin in a. dahurica root