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  • pulse: n 1 脈搏;有節奏的跳動;【動物;動物學】脈沖(波);脈動。2 意向;傾向。3 【音樂】拍子,律動。vi ...
  • recorder: n. 1. 記錄者,記錄員;市法院法官。2. 自動記錄器;(電報的)收報機;錄音機;錄音技師。3. 〈常 pl. 〉舌簧八孔直笛。

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  1. Laser ablation and micromachining with femtosecond laser pulse

  2. Simulations of gain and aberrance are done to study the amplification of pulse signal with a frequency of 0. 25mhz

    對頻率為0 . 25mhz的脈沖信號放大進行了模擬,分析了其增益和脈沖畸變隨放大參量的變化情況。
  3. The pulse pneumatic conveying system has been a important transporting method for grain material, because of lower velocity, higher ratio of blend and a littler gas, as well as shattering less materiel, abrasing pipeline and easy recovery

  4. Accuracy : 2bpm pulse alar : 499time

    脈率報警: 30230bpm
  5. The pulse width trigger circuit, trigger delay circuit are discussed. and a new kind of peak detection module which is implemented by verilog hdl in fpga and greatly enhances the performance of catching glitch is discussed in the dissertation. the waveform recorder function accomplished in the scopemeter can test, monitor slow analog signals and record the characteristic value of signals continuously for a long time

    本文討論了脈寬觸發電路和觸發釋抑電路的實現,採用veriloghdl在fpga中實現了一種峰值檢測模塊,提高了示波表的毛刺捕捉能力,設計的波形記錄( recorder )功能模塊能夠對輸入的模擬信號進行長時間連續不斷的采樣量化,並記錄波形數據和及時送顯示。