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  • pulse: n 1 脈搏;有節奏的跳動;【動物;動物學】脈沖(波);脈動。2 意向;傾向。3 【音樂】拍子,律動。vi ...
  • source: n 1 源頭,水源,源泉。2 根源,本源;來源。3 原因;出處;原始資料。4 提供消息的人。5 血統。vt 〈美...

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  1. Exploding wires phenomenon is that if the high - density energy is poured into metal wire with small transverse section in a short time from high power pulse source, the metal wire will explode into gaseity and generate significant shock wave. the. fundamental reason of the generated shock wave is the plasma

    爆炸絲現象( explodingwiresphenomenon )是將存儲于高壓電容器中的能量,在極短的瞬間內傾注于很小截面積的金屬絲,使之汽化,產生強大的沖擊波,這種沖擊波產生的根本原因就是等離子體。
  2. In order to eliminate the influences caused by temperature, electrode - polarization and autoeciousness - capacitance, the traditional instrument has added complicated circuits so that it cause such shortcomings as big error, time - retardation and a relatively small scope. through the problems caused by 2 - probe electrode and ac current source, a new measuring circuit based on the excitation of bi - directional voltage pulse and the sensor of 4 - probe electrode is proposed, using single - chip to achieve auto - temperature compensation

  3. The actively mode - locked erbium doped fiber laser is very attractive among those potential sources which can generate broadband tunable near transform - limited pulse with high repetition rate and has been used as the ideal optical transmitter and all optical clock source in the future long - distance communication systems

  4. ( ii ) charging effects on temporal and spatial evolution of dusty plasma sheath in plasma source ion implantation. the temporal and spatial evolution of a dusty plasma sheath in plasma source ion implantation has been investigated with a fluid theory and a self - consistent dust - charging model. a negative potential pulse is introduced to form the plasma sheath

    ( )塵埃粒子的充電效應對等離子體源離子注入( ps )鞘層時空演化的影響採用流體模型及自洽的塵埃粒子充電模型,我們研究了等離子體源離子注入時的塵埃等離子體鞘層的時空演化。
  5. The dissertation is aimed at the theory and practical application of photoconductive semiconductor switches ( pcss ), which is the kernel of uwb photoconductive pulse source. in chapter 1, after introducing the background of the dissertation, the development of uwb photoconductive pulse source is briefly reviewed. at the same time, the main work and contribution is generalized