pulse-free flow中文意思是什麼

pulse-free flow解釋

  • pulse: n 1 脈搏;有節奏的跳動;【動物;動物學】脈沖(波);脈動。2 意向;傾向。3 【音樂】拍子,律動。vi ...
  • free: adj (freer; freest)1 自由的,自主的;自立的。 a free action 自由行動。 free competition 自由競...
  • flow: vi 1 流,流動。2 (血液等)流通,循環。3 流過;川流不息;(時間)飛逝;(言語等)流暢。4 (衣服、...

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  1. A free flow of water came from the pipe.

  2. The lateral jets are caused to incline to the direction of rotating free flow and to weaken the effect upon base flow. furthermore, the spinning effect upon lateral jet is much stronger than that upon base bleed

  3. Then pid flow rate control algorithm is introduced. all experiments made in this chapter are about measuring the valve parameters according to spool positions, single actuator flow rate control by the calculated flow rate feedback control method, free flow rate dividing control under the sufficient pump discharge flow rate situation, proportion flow rate dividing and flow rate dividing based on meter - in flow rate feedback control method under insufficient pump discharge flow rate situation. the results of all experiments proved that the method presented in this thesis is an effective way to overcome the unreasonable flow rate dividing when simultaneously operating multi - actuators with different inertia loads

  4. Sumptuous festival dinner including pre - dinner cocktail with champagne, 5 - course dinner and free flow of international wines & imported beer

  5. The bush administration has emphasized that the international trading system works best with free trade, the free flow of capital and with market - based exchange rates

    正確理解雙方的金融體制應當如何交流、相互適應和競爭,這對我們兩國都至關重要。 」