pulsus durus中文意思是什麼

pulsus durus解釋
硬脈, 剛脈

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  1. True, the child was malnourished but that could not explain certain findings in relation to the cs, namely engorged neck eins. massie cardiomegaly, muffled heart sounds and pulsus paradoxus

    當然,該患兒是存在營養不良,但不能很好的解釋心衰(頸靜脈怒張、心臟擴大、心音低鈍及奇脈) 。
  2. Mr. he received his bachelor of engineering from zhejiang university, china, a masters of engineering at carleton university, canada, a masters of business administration at schulich school of business, york university, canada and is a chartered financial analyst. mr. he serves on the board of directors of infomax optical technology corporation, ness display corporation, pansky, inc., and pulsus technology corporation

    何先生目前同時為鴻亞光電股份有限公司infomax optical technology corporation ,韓國奈斯顯示器公司ness display corporation ,長天科技集團pansky inc . ,韓國普爾薩斯科技公司pulsus technology corporation等數家公司的董事會提供咨詢服務。