1. It included written mate ri als and teach ing activ i ties for the dif fer ent stages of exer cisc

    2. Ii ( 4 ) an agv dispatching technique is put forward based on genet ic iiig ( ) ri thms

      ( 4 )提出了基於遺傳演算法求解的agv線路調度方法。
    3. Results : the sonographic manifestations in the ipsilateral course variation vertebral artery revealed that the diameter and flow velocity were decreased, pi and ri were increased

      結果:椎動脈走行變異其變異側椎動脈超聲表現為:管徑較窄, pi和ri較高,流速較低。
    4. Resistive index ( ri ) was used to estimate renovascular resistance

    5. Ribonuclease inhibitor ( ri ) is an acid cytoplasmic protein with the molecular weight of 50 kd. this ubiquitously distributed glycoprotein tightly binds and inhibits ang with a stoichiometry of 1 : 1. the remarkable affinity of ri and ang supplies an approach to invalid the function of ang which is to stimulate neovascularization

      核糖核酸酶抑制因子( ribonucleaseinhibitor , ri )能夠以1 : 1的比例結合併抑制ang ,這無疑為我們提供了一條重要的糾正ang引起的新生血管生長失控的途徑,從而治療相關疾病。