n. 名詞 〈漢語〉 氣。


    1. Most such axe and adz are ancient farming tools, different from the high - ranking tomahawk and fighting qi

    2. Liang qi - chao believed that history is evolving constantly and the " evolution " is limitless ; it is progressive but has twists ; it is in a spiral ascendance rather than in a straight line

    3. The diligence spirit of qi state viewed from the augury materials in zuo zhuan

    4. East barbican < > after the battle in taozhu in 1559, qi jiguang built two barbicans at the west and east corner of the toewn wall, a poineer work in his millitary career. this practice prepared him for the large - scale construction of barbicans on the town wall in his late years

      東敵臺< >明嘉靖三十八年( 1559 )桃渚之戰以後,戚繼光在桃渚城的東西兩角創建了兩座敵臺,這是戚繼光軍事實踐的一個創舉,為其晚年大規模建造長城敵臺開啟了先河。
    5. As the so - called qi ' s dao we see can not be said to be tang broadsword