1. 【軍事】軍需軍官,軍需主任。
2. 【航海】(兼管信號等的)舵手,航信士官。


    1. Why molecules and inter - molecular forces exist can be understood in terms of atoms, inter - atomic forces, and again, qm

    2. We hold tqm as qm principle, iso9000 quality management system runs well in product design, material purchase, manufacture and customer service

    3. Similarly, atoms and inter - atomic forces, in terms of electrons, nuclei, the electrodynamic forces between them and qm ; and so on

    4. Abstract : a new approach, gate - capacitance - shift ( gcs ) approach, is described for compact modeling. this approach is piecewise for various physical effects and comprises the gate - bias - dependent nature of corrections in the nanoscale regime. additionally, an approximate - analytical solution to the quantum mechanical ( qm ) effects in polysilicon ( poly ) - gates is obtained based on the density gradient model. it is then combined with the gcs approach to develop a compact model for these effects. the model results tally well with numerical simulation. both the model results and simulation results indicate that the qm effects in poly - gates of nanoscale mosfets are non - negligible and have an opposite influence on the device characteristics as the poly - depletion ( pd ) effects do

    5. Through intergrated analysis of publice database such as est, tigr gene index in silico, using human inmune genes sequences that are likely to be present in fish as query, two new fish ' s genes assosiated with immune response were identified, which including wilms " tumor related gene ( qm ) and nkef

      本文第二部分利用計算機表達序列標簽( expressedsequencetag , est ) , tigrgeneindex等數據庫進行綜合搜索分析,快速鑒定了魚類兩種新的功能基因: qm和nkef基因,並對獲得的cdna全序列進行了分析。