Q. M. G. =Quartermaster General 陸軍軍需兵司令兼軍需局局長。


    1. Therefore, lhe - police system of the zhili province in the late qmg dynasty is a valuable subject deserving researches

    2. The greatest improvement occurred in patients with more severe disease as defined by a qmg score for disease severity greater than 10. 5

      而最顯著的改善出現在疾病嚴重程度qmg評分大於10 . 5的嚴重病人。
    3. Results : in ivig - treated patients, a clinically meaningful improvement in qmg score for disease severity was observed at day 14 and persisted at day 28

    4. The quantitative myasthenia gravis ( qmg ) score for disease severity, a validated clinical composite scale, was calculated by a masked observer at baseline and days 14 and 28

      被設盲的觀察者通過定量重癥肌無力疾病嚴重程度評分系統這一被認可的復合標準來計算基礎水平和14天、 28天的評分。
    5. The immediate cause of its establishment was that tianjin had been taken over from the foreign intruders i he police system of the zhili province in the late qmg dynasty was firstly set up in the two big cities of baoding and tianjin, and then spread to all the counties in the zhili province, and further into the vast countryside and the police system was gradually improved in the meanwhile