Q. T. , q. t. =〈俚語〉 quiet. on the QT 秘密地,私下地。


    1. Clinical study on qt dispersion in coronary heart disease

    2. Gal. 5 qt. twenty gallons five quarts

    3. Using qt from other languages

    4. When it comes to terminal - based editors like yudit, mined, and vim, pango and qt don t provide any substantial advantages

      對于基於終端的編輯器,如yudit 、 mined和vim , pango和qt沒有提供任何實質性的好處。
    5. In the home network, the central device is the home control center ( home gateway ), to which information applians, safeguard and other devices are connected by various means, including rs485 and ethernet. the inner home network communicates with the outer network via the control center, and the control of information applians from the outer network will be performed through it as well. intel strongarm sa1110 serves as its hardware platform, the embedded linux as its operation system, and qt / embedded as its gui

      在家居網路中,系統核心是家居控制中心(家庭網關)部分,家電,安防設備等通過rs - 485或ethernet等物理連接到控制中心,家居內部網路與外部網路的連接、控制等都是通過控制中心完成,本課題中的家居控制中心硬體平臺採用了intelstrongarmsa1110開發系統,嵌入式操作系統為linux ,圖形界面為qt embeded 。