adj. 形容詞 四角形的;四邊形的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly 成四邊形。


    1. Grand square - the most intense quadrangular configuration

      四分相? ?最緊張的四邊形結構。
    2. 8 abidi m a, chandra t. a new efficient and direct solution for pose estimation using quadrangular targets : algorithm and evaluation

    3. And compared with the quadrangular isoparametric element, the manifold element ( t1 - 0 ) can give more accurate initial pore pressure and displacement and have a vast prospect of application

      與等價四邊形等參元相比, t1 - 0流形元能給出精度更高的初期孔壓和位移。
    4. We also give the properties and the convergence of the two models. in the aspect of the fractal approximation of surfaces. we propose the improved quadrangular projected ifs ( qpifs ) model and quadrangular rational projected ifs ( qrpifs ) model

    5. After discussion and annalysis of the unsymmetrical crystal, the geometry description is completed and the simulation of the result has been done. then, it confirms the geometry descprition of unsymmetrical quadrangular crystal and pentagonal crystal