adj. 形容詞 1. 【動、解】方骨的。
2. 正方形的,方形的。
n. 名詞 1. 正方形;方形。
2. 【解剖學】方骨,方肌。
vt. 及物動詞 ,vi. 不及物動詞 1. (使)適合;(使)一致 (with; to)。
2. 【數學】將(圓)作成等積正方形;(使)成正方形 (with)。

    1. The growth dynamics of tree basal area of form. taxus chinensis var. mairei population in different altitude were discussed using the liu - logistic model, and the results showed that the altutide of 790 meters is more suitable to the survive of form. toms chinensis var. mairei population than 990 meters. plot sampling was selected and dynamic analysis was used to study the height structure of taxus chinensis var. mairei population, and the quadrate picture of height structure and the curve of survival rate were drew

    2. In sar system, the in - phase and quadrate echoes must be sampled simultaneity and stored for a long - time. because of the limitation of hardware, only the available echoes can be stored

      Sar系統對數據採集和存儲處理需要滿足對正交兩路( i / q )雷達回波信號的數據同時採集,並實現高速傳輸和大容量長時間實時存儲。
    3. This machine adopts the best advanced imported frequency conversion timing controlled technical drive. it adopts dlectrical brake setting, its deendability is lofty and cutting is exact. this machine is mostly used for many quadrate foam rubber once flatly slicing. it can be continuously cutout, and do not recede cutter, the production efficiency is better

    4. Bile ducts of hilus hepatis, right or left lobe, medial segment and anterior right segment can be exposed and incised through hilus hepatis or quadrate lobe. all major intrahepatic bile ducts of the right lobe can be exposed and incised by an approach cutting through the liver parenchyma on its diaphragmatic surface

    5. Currently, top - grade and middle - grade dishware produced by our enterprise include changfa brand product series, such as flat quadrate dish, thickened applique quadrate dish, deepened quadrate dish, snack dish. milk boiler. high boiler, steaming boiler, thickened double - handle tripod caldron, deepened flat - bottomed tripod caldron, luxurious bakelite frying tripod caldron, luxurious double - bottom frying pan and cover for tripod caldron