n. 名詞 【解剖學】四頭肌。
quadricipital adj. 形容詞


    1. Popliteal muscle transfer for correction of paralysis of quadriceps femoris in t eenagers

    2. If quadriceps appears unusual potential shows a small of the back be put into trouble of 4 nerve root, often showing a small of the back the possibility that 4 interverbebral disc highlight 3 waist

    3. When examining patient of lumbar protrusion of the intervertebral disc, want the flesh before the examination is bilateral and tibial, fibula to grow the flesh, sural bowel flesh, flesh that extend ? normally, also must check a quadriceps sometimes

    4. Establishment of animal model of skin contusion and grouping a total of 33 health adult female and male sprague - dawley rats, each weight 160g - 200g, were used. skin contusion located in quadriceps muscle of thigh of posterior limb was made with falling of a 250g hammer from 150 centimeter high. 1

      動物模型製作及分組健康成年sprague - dawley大鼠33隻,雌雄不限,體重180 20g ,隨機分為11組,每組3隻,其中10組作為實驗組, 1組作為對照組。
    5. The movement is slow, smooth and easy to learn, and it requires little space and can be practised at home. the therapeutic value is enormous. it will help strengthen the muscle power and endurance of the lower body including the quadriceps, the hamstrings and lower leg muscles, and improve upper limb range of motion and flexibility, thus increasing the agility of the elderly

      這套運動動作柔和緩慢,容易掌握,所需練習空間不大,並且治療效益高,可以增強下肢肌肉力量,包括四頭肌、 ?繩肌和小腿肌,以及改善上肢活動幅度和肌肉柔韌性,令長者身體更加靈活。